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May 15 - 26: Hyderabad, India with the Wharton School of Business. We stayed at the India School of Business Executive Center. Everyday we immersed ourself in the Indian business world and culture through company visits, guest lectures, city tours and networking events with Indian MBA students.
May 26 - 28: Goa, where I stayed with a good friend who works in the real estate industry.
May 28 - June 1: Jaipur - Stayed with a friend's grandmother and two servants.
June 1 - 4: Delhi - I visited a friend from school and stayed with her family in what I would consider a Palace with services fit for a royal family.
June 6 - 9: Leh (in Ladakh, Northern India near Pakistan) - stayed in the Siala Guest House
June 10, 11: Hiking into the Hemis High Altitude Park to Rumbak to stay with a Ladakhi family in the mountains
June 12: Back to Leh
June 13: Fly from Leh to Delhi
June 14: Depart Leh at 2 am - headed for Firenze (Florence), Italia

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Favorite Ladakhi Dish

Skuu or Skyu (shown here) - pronounced like "Skew" - is a common pasta dish in the Ladakhi villages. I had the opportunity to eat it several times and then during my homestay requested to learn the recipe. Rigsen, a 22-year old male from Rumbak, lived in the house next door (a picture of his kitchen is below - all Ladakhi village kitchens are very similar). He spoke some English and we became friends during my stay. He was my Skyu instructor.Recipe:Mix water and pure wheat flour together to make a very hearty, thick dough in a large bowl. Roll the dough into long thin tubes (about 3/4 inch diameter). Pinch off small pieces of the tubes (about every 1/2 inch) and then press with thumb to form what resembles a gnochi with a thumb print in it. Make as much or little as you like. They typically end up with 200 or so little Skyu pieces.In the mean time, fry onions, tomatoes and a few leafy green or root vegatables such as spinach, lettuce, peas, etc. in a large sauce pan. Sometimes potatoes, carrots and even mutton is added as well. Add salt, chili powder, garam masala and tumeric to the veggies. After the vegetables are thoroughly fried, add water and boil. After boiling for a few minutes, place the Skyu pasta into the water and continue to boil. Skyu should be very tough and chewy. The pasta should not be cooked all the way through - very much "Al Dente." After boiling for 10 minutes or so add about a cup or so of whole milk or cream. We used milk from the goat outside (it was freshly milked that morning and certainly not pasteurized). Boil milk (if you happen to use fresh cow or goat milk, boiling with kill all bacteria) with everything else for a few more minutes. Now you have Skyu... The creamy sauce should be yellow and not too thick. Mmmmm.... delicious. That said, what makes Skyu so great in Ladakh is that all the ingredient come fresh from right outside. The dish is very hearty, healthy and simple. Try to obtain all organic, natural ingredients.
I plan to make some when I get home- anyone who reads this is welcome to come by for a taste.

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